The Web and The Net

The Web. The Net.
Two episodes which are almost identical - but not quite.
Effectively, it's the same story told two slightly different ways - partly as an experiment, partly to save money - after all, the next episode was Brigadoom, which probably took up far more resources - people, sets, rehearsal time...

In The Web, the Lexx encounters a giant space spider creature, but seems to escape.
In The Net, it's made clear that Stan has been taken over...

This is just a quick comparison of the two episodes - mainly so I could figure out which scenes are from which one!

The Web
Xev goes to the cryochamber and wakes Kai to tell him about a dream she's had. Stan interrupts to point out that the universe is disappearing - and so has his hat.
On the bridge, 790 checks on planets which have disappeared. They realise that it's probably Mantrid and his drones who are responsible (an important plot point - in Patches in the Sky they realise some planets have gone, and they find a Mantrid drone arm, but this is when they make the connection).
Stan says they should escape into the Dark Zone. Lexx tries this, but the destruction of so many planets means that they cannot find a way in. Stan says the prophecy about Kai destroying the Divine Order means that they'll survive, but Kai says that Mantrid is not part of the Divine Order.
Kai then suggests that they might just be able to get into the Dark Zone if they go to the centre of the universe (another important plot point - in Brigadoom they mention that they are going to the centre of the universe, but don't say why).

The Net
We see the giant web creature closing in on the Lexx.

Stan is still looking for his hat in the shower - while Xev is using it (the shower, not his hat). He points out that the universe is coming to an end, and pretty soon he'll be the last man left alive. Xev turns him down - but says she might think about it when they're one day away from the centre of the universe.

The Net
The web makes itself invisible, as the Lexx gets closer.

The Lexx asks Stan if it can turn away from the web. Stan refuses, as he can't see the web - until it's too late. A tentacle hits the Lexx, and the crew are tossed around.

The Net
The crew are knocked out. Kai and 790 are blown into separate passages, Stan ends up in the toilet, Xev lands on her bed.
Tentacles enter the Lexx, and inspect the crew. Stan gets one tentacle in his ear, one up his nose - he screams, and passes out. Tentacles approach Xev and Kai - but when they enter Kai, they stop. Something is clearly wrong, but these tentacles can't break free of Kai. The other tentacles withdraw. Stan wakes up, and goes into convulsions. Outside, the web shrivels around the Lexx.

Xev wakes up and goes looking for the others. She finds 790, then Stan, apparently unconscious. She puts Stan into a cryopod and uses some cables to jump start him. He manages to tell her where Kai is, then passes out. Xev finds Kai, and breaks the tentacles connecting him to the web.

The Net
Outside, the web springs back into life - inside, so does Stan. Looking creepy and making alien noises, he pretends to be asleep when the others arrive.
They all go to the bridge to ask the Lexx if there is any damage - when no-one's watching him, Stan is twitchy - looking up at the ceiling, grinning, and making more alien noises.

790 plays back an image of them being tossed around, which gives everyone the creeps. Then they go to the galley - Stan volunteers to keep watch.

The Net
After Xev and Kai leave the galley, Stan sniffs at food, pulls a face, and throws it away. He then goes to the bridge, where he seems to be communicating with the web - the noises he's making wake Xev and 790.

Xev goes onto the bridge. Stan tries to get the Lexx to playback what happened.

The Net
Stan is clearly possessed - but Xev doesn't see. There's a shot here which makes it clear that the Lexx is still trapped in the web.

Stan manages to show the others slightly more of the Lexx's memory on the viewscreen. They try to fly outside to take a look, but the orifice won't open.
They go to the Lexx's optic nerves and hook one up to 790 - which shows that they are still in the web. Kai says there must be a line into the Lexx's brain, which is above the bridge.

The Net
There's a shot showing a tentacle sticking into the Lexx's head. There's also a very evil Stan grin after he says "Oh, it's clever".

On the bridge, Kai braces the big spider like creature lurking in the Lexx's brain. The Lexx then destroys the web.

In The Web - Stan seems pleased.
In The Net - he doesn't.

In the cryochamber, Xev asks Kai if he might come back to life at the centre of the universe. He seems uninterested, so she tells him he's the most frustrating man alive, then wonders if she should let Stan have her.
Xev goes to the bridge, where she finds Stan's hat - under the control pedestal.
Stan closes Kai's cryopod.
Xev asks 790 how long it will be until they reach the centre of the universe - just over one day. Xev leaves 790 on the bridge, and goes to Stan's bed chamber.

The Net
Stan hears Xev approaching, and pretends to be asleep.

Stan wakes up, and Xev says she's going to give it to him.
In The Web - it looks like she's going to sleep with him.
In The Net - it's obvious she's teasing, and what she's really going to give him is his hat. It's also obvious that Stan is evil.

The Web
Stan puckers up - and on the bridge, 790 screams.
So, in this episode, it looks like a happy ending. But -

The Net
Stan puckers up - and Xev holds out his hat. Stan knocks it aside, and grabs Xev by the throat. 790 screams, the cryopod opens (how? don't ask), and Kai gets out.
Stan pushes Xev onto his bed, saying that he'll consume her and she'll be his new host - "I too must run from Mantrid". A horrible spider creature starts to emerge from his mouth - but Kai fires his brace, pinning Stan against the wall.
The creature says it's in Stan's brain, and will kill him if they try to harm it. Xev tells Kai to kill it anyway - so the spider leaps out of Stan's mouth and scuttles away. Kai fires and misses it, but Xev crushes it underfoot. Stan recovers - and Xev gives him back his hat.

So, there you have it.

The Web has a couple of points which are more relevant to the overall series - plus a scene with Xev throwing herself at Kai (always popular).

But I prefer The Net - creepier atmosphere... you know, when Kai is bad, he's funny - but when Stan is bad - he's scary...

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